Founded in 1973, Dicker Precision Components Ltd specialises in providing phenomenal quality components of small to large batches to various companies worldwide. Dicker has evolved from a small CNC workshop to a continuity growing milling and turning CNC business with 16 employees experienced to trainees. With a brand new added workshop we are able to provide our customers excellence with the product that is fully inspected, on-time all the time service and the face to face relationship we have with all the companies we serve.

We, Dicker take the utmost pride and passion in what we strive to achieve, giving our customers the best product and meeting their scheduled delivery demands U.K and internationally. We know from time to time, our customers have an urgent order to fill. With the relationship we have strongly built up with our suppliers and if needed, sub contractors we can help out where needed which gives us great rapport.

Dicker Precision Components LTD is an ISO 9001:2015 certificated organisation, and we strive to continually improve our effectiveness.

“We run our business to totally satisfy the expectations of our customers and of our organisation by consistently meeting and exceeding their stated and implied needs and complying with relevant legislation and regulations”

We have the latest high-tech CNC machinery; with two new machines Biglia B446-465 T2 Y2 and a new HD250 CNC Saw, plus tooling and CAD machining software therefore we can happily accept any of our customers’ requirements through e-mail.

The industries we serve are:

  • M.O.D
  • Subsea
  • Medical
  • Gas
  • Oil
  • Aerospace
  • Pumps
  • Off road vehicles

Dicker Precision are pretty much everything you would want from an engineering machining and manufacturing service. For us, we focus to keep all our manufacturing demands within a 30 mile radius, attention to detail, pro-activeness, fast turnaround and good pricing structure, a reliable raw material source with a personal and friendly service. Dicker Precision ticks all these boxes for us so are pleased to keep them as one of our most valued suppliers.

John Walters

Design and International Marketing Manager, Design Specific Engineered Solutions

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Our recent news:

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Spinner U5-620 Machining Centre Arrives!

Our new “Spinner U5-620 Machining Centre” has arrived! A big thank you to the team who have worked endlessly to make sure it arrived safely and was carefully placed in it’s spot on the workshop floor. Currently being set up which in itself is quite a... read more...

3 days to go!

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Cutting demo of industry leading Dugard precision machines: